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Mtisunge Lucy a black woman holding an award for public speaking

Making It Happen Against All Odds.

Public Speaker, Entrepreneur and Facilitator Mtisunge Lucy Ngwira-Brooks' journey to public speaking began in a pursuit to better her life and challenge her own limits. Growing up with various traumas that lead to social anxiety and severe PTSD she found herself unable to be in crowds and questioning the value of her voice. Her philosophy and goal in her speeches is to encourage motivation in others rather than fleeting inspiration to make worthwhile changes in their mindsets and therefore their lives. Her message is to challenge yourself, live your life full force and never give up against any odds, only then will you find yourself somewhere you never thought you could be.


Never in a Million Years.

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Kiande Jakada - The Center

“Mtisunge Lucy Ngwira-Brooks sharing her personal journey with HIV was inspiring and impactful. She was able to effectively recount the details and have everyone engaged in the story as it unfolded. Mtisunge is an inspiration to many people. Her story will uplift and encourage anyone who is on a similar journey. Thank you for your transparency and your openness. We are better for it.”
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